Okay, I’m giving myself 10 minutes to write a blog post here and 5 minutes to revise it. Here goes.

My last blog had just one post, a post detailing how I was so happy to start blogging and that I had put it off way too long, etc etc. Hopefully this time things will be better. I’m planning on self motivating myself to write a post a day sort of like Write-Or-Die (I’m giving myself just 10 minutes to write this…) or like  InternetPokers time giveaway (Not like I’m famous and my time is worth ~$400/hr, but I suppose I’ll offer 1 hour of my complete attention to a randomly selected commenter if I fail to write a post a week. Ladies (and gents), line up. =P )

Mainly, I just want this to be useful to myself. I’ll probably blog a lot here about what ever projects I’ve been working on at the moment, and boy, do I have a lot of those.

Well, 10 minutes is up, and I hope you enjoyed reading this short post! Till next time, reader(s).

(5 minutes of editing time, go!) Okay, I fixed some basic grammatical stuff, but I just realized that I completely didn’t talk about my the subject in my post title… x.x

So I feel like I never get blogs setup/posts done because I get all perfectionistic. I feel like a blog post is a direct representation of my thoughts/ideas and because I think I have useful+interesting ideas to share, I want to polish them until they brilliantly shine (and then some). Unfortunately, that means that I basically never finish any blog posts before getting distracted by something else and you get a pretty much empty blog like my last one…

“When in doubt, iterate faster” come from one of Jeff Atwood’s posts at Coding Horror. A common idea in agile software development (a la my software development class), the idea is that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to releasing products that are perfect from the get go, but should just release your product as soon as you have it working and fine tune as you go.

Anyways reader, before I pull a Lord-of-the-Rings-Return-of-the-King-quadruple-movie-ending, I’ll say goodbye until next time.

PS: A sign of my over-perfectionism/inability-to-make-my-mind-up-about-anything? If you refresh this page, it’ll cycle through different favicons, as I couldn’t decide on which one I liked the most.